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Getting Started

New Years resolution??? Not really.. Maybe it’s because I’m turning 42 in about two months. Mid life crisis….Maybe. I really have been thinking about a blog for a few years.

I read several blogs from people I admire now in the industry. I have lots of crazy stuff going on in my head!! Maybe you might find something worth reading.

So just getting started is really about why blog? Why film hunts? Why do any of this?? It’s not cheap (just ask my wife!!). If you didn’t know, I lost my oldest son in April of 2016 to a motorcycle accident. This of course has been hard on us all and really made me start chasing what I love to do. He loved the outdoors and we were spent a lot of time together hunting and fishing. He spent a lot time with his friends hunting and fishing. He was a nut!! He was the guy that kept everyone entertained with his shenanigans. The life of the party with his simple thoughts!! He made me laugh on a daily basis. I also got the privilege to be his boss at work. Oh boy!! It was not as much fun as most might think. That boy could try your last nerve for sure.

What does all that have to do with blogging, hunting, or filming hunts?? On my first turkey hunt last year with my other son I realized all I had were the memories of Brandon. I didn’t begin filming until after he passed. It really hit me hard as I was filming Wyatt calling in turkeys that I could never go back and capture his older brother doing what he loved!! Brandon and Wyatt did everything together and as we do have some pictures of them bowfishing, riding four wheelers, and other shenanigans together, we just don’t have it captured on film. I can’t really tell you how valuable that would be right now not only to me but everyone he touched on a daily basis. We have two cell phone videos of Brandon fishing and they are treasured by everyone. Just to hear his voice when he is doing what he loved.

I say go out and get you a camera and get started. Find a class and learn how to edit. It’s not hard. Just to have the video of you or someone you love doing what you do is priceless.

Brothers doing what they love!!
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