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Define success

I just had one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time!!

My Daughter has been inspired by the lady huntresses out there on social media. We have had the pleasure of meeting and even bowfishing with a few and all I can say is wow!! Thank you to all who inspire young people to hunt.

Now back to my weekend… My daughter and I are on a journey to capture her first bow kill (deer kill in general) on camera. Now most of us know this is no easy task and we have our work cut out for us.

We spent two days in the woods this weekend just really enjoying nature. Saturday afternoon we had a nice 6 point walk in front of us at 7 yards through a brush thicket and because of my poor coaching she never even pulled her bow back!! (I would love to have that shot back!!). The next morning we had a total of 5 deer pass by us a various distances, none of them really giving her the shot she needed.

She ended the weekend a little disappointed because she did not kill a deer. She knows she has taken on a daunting task and it will take some time. I told her we could switch to a gun and we could have killed 3 of the 5 deer the other day. She said no, she is determined to do it with her bow and I think that is awesome.

I’m not worried if she will or will not be successful this year. In my book we have already been successful.

She thinks we were just hunting!!!

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