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We have so many future plans for Reel Nock Outfitters. I would love to let you all in on everything, but that would ruin all the fun! I may not be able to release every detail, but I can at least say that we are GROWING and have some HUGE end goals for this business.

We hope to end 2020 with a bang by adding an addition boat that will be used for mostly inshore fishing charters. Due to COVID, I was able to run nearly every trip this season. Going forward, I will be doing online classes, so I can see the dream be built for this business. I hope to run either this boat or our current boat almost every day. We want to be able to fulfill the wants of all our customers and so many ask us about inshore fishing. Before we have referred them to several local friends, but we figured…why not help them out and offer the services ourselves! We are all about building connections with outdoor lovers and this is just another way for us to do that.

A boat isn’t the only thing that we will be adding! When people come to Destin, the beach isn’t the only sight they want to see. Crab Island is such a popular attraction that so many visitors want to see! Starting in 2021 Reel Nock Outfitters will be offering Crab Island Trips! We love going to Crab Island in our free time and want more people to be able to enjoy it! I don’t know about you guys but getting to sit on Crab Island with all your friends sounds like a great way to spend at least one day of vacation! We haven’t set anything in stone yet so be sure to lookout for details soon!

We can’t wait for the future and hope you come visit us!

If you don’t know what crab island is, you’ve got to check it out!


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