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We have so many future plans for Reel Nock Outfitters. I would love to let you all in on everything, but that would ruin all the fun! I may not be able to release every detail, but I can at least say that we are GROWING and have some HUGE end goals for this business.

We hope to end 2020 with a bang by adding an addition boat that will be used for mostly inshore fishing charters. Due to COVID, I was able to run nearly every trip this season. Going forward, I will be doing online classes, so I can see the dream be built for this business. I hope to run either this boat or our current boat almost every day. We want to be able to fulfill the wants of all our customers and so many ask us about inshore fishing. Before we have referred them to several local friends, but we figured…why not help them out and offer the services ourselves! We are all about building connections with outdoor lovers and this is just another way for us to do that.

A boat isn’t the only thing that we will be adding! When people come to Destin, the beach isn’t the only sight they want to see. Crab Island is such a popular attraction that so many visitors want to see! Starting in 2021 Reel Nock Outfitters will be offering Crab Island Trips! We love going to Crab Island in our free time and want more people to be able to enjoy it! I don’t know about you guys but getting to sit on Crab Island with all your friends sounds like a great way to spend at least one day of vacation! We haven’t set anything in stone yet so be sure to lookout for details soon!

We can’t wait for the future and hope you come visit us!

If you don’t know what crab island is, you’ve got to check it out!

This year we had the pleasure of getting to go to Missouri and hunt at Monster Whitetail Outfitters…well, by we, I mean Jeremy got to hunt! This trip was all his! He hasn’t gotten to kill anything with his new Mathews bow and he was ready for that to happen. He has had the trip booked for over a year and finally got the chance to go and Mom and I were able to join. We took cameo just in case the opportunity presented itself for us to sit in the tree, but we primarily wanted him to get one. We hoped to have one of us in the tree with him to film but the location that he was at didn’t really allow for that. We couple have hung a stand, but nobody felt that is was safe to be that high off the group, so the last resort was Jeremy having to film himself.

On our way to the camp, we stopped in central Missouri to Jeremy’s best friend since high school. We got to roam around Missouri and visit some places that they used to go as kids. We also go to play around with the potato gun and eat some great food! Check out our Instagram and Facebook accounts to see how the first shot of the potato gun went! (Hint: not the best, do not try at home!) We always love getting to go back to Missouri for a visit and it is NEVER boring!

This trip might not have ended with a big buck on the ground, but it was still a great trip to see our friends at Monster Whitetail Outfitters and a great chance to take a vacation to make some memories. We got to see some old friends and make new ones…what is better than that?! (Except being on the water!!)

In case you missed the potato gun video, here it is:

This year we got to go scallop and fish in Port St. Joe with some of our favorite people! We loaded up the boats and took a trip with a bunch of friends. We stayed four days (three nights) and had a total blast! It has been a couple years since we were able to go last. The past couple of years the season had either been closed due to water conditions, bacteria in the water, decrease scallop limits so we just weren’t able to make it. This made us even more excited and ready to hit the St. Joe Bay once we got there!

My mom’s side of the family has been scalloping for years. I went a few times when I was younger but in the past several years, my passion for it has skyrocketed. There is something so peaceful about being underwater and in the underwater world. Of course, I always have my head on a swivel because if I see a shark y’all better beat me to the boat because I WILL leave you behind!

We went with most of the Reel Nock crew and more friends. RJ had never been to St. Joe or scalloping and after the first hole he absolutely loved it! We actually stayed at the Bayside Sportsman’s Paradise which is ran by Matt’s family. We were able to bowfish one night and had so much fun! We saw sharks, rays, tons of fish, and some of the biggest turtles I have ever seen. I love seeing the water come alive at night. It is also a little nerve wracking seeing all the little sharks swimming around…but still so cool. It was an amazing trip with great people and some great food!

Be sure to check out Bayside Sportsman’s Paradise in Cape San Blas if you are ever looking for a place to stay! Such a beautiful house and an incredible view, you can’t beat it! Here is a link to the house:

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