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Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Boy what a year it has been. It is crazy how unconventional 2020 has been. We all had so many plans and goals and a lot of which came crashing down when COVID-19 joined the party. For Reel Nock, this year looked very different. We had to cancel bowfishing trips, cancel business trips, and vacations to see friends and family.


When talking about bowfishing, we had our best and worst year yet. We didn’t run a single trip for two months at the start of COVID. At the very beginning of the season, we were practically begging for someone to give us an opportunity to run the motors! The biggest thing that hit us was that all the tourists we normally see, weren’t allowed into Florida. Once the governor opened the state to out-of-towners, we saw an increase in our trips.

Our saving grace this year was the website and app that we joined called ‘FishingBooker.’ We were able to secure new clients that we never would have gotten. Since many of our previous clients weren’t able to come back to Destin, this app helped save us and actually boosted us to have a great year!


As a current college student, COVID threw many wrenches in my academic plans. Instead of going back to campus for face-to-face classes, I stayed home and have been doing online. It wasn’t the semester that I was expecting but it really worked out in my favor. Not only did I save money by not having to pay for housing or driving but I also got to be very present and active with fishing this year. I went on nearly every trip that was run this year. From now on I will be doing online school that way I don’t miss out on business trips, bowfishing trips, or family events.

Hopefully 2021 will bring some better energy and even more growth for our business and yours! We have some really big plans in the works and we cannot wait to share them with all of you!

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Written October 27, 2020

It’s been a little while since I’ve been on here.

I’m excited to begin this new bowfishing season. We are in the beginning stages of building a new boat. We plan on stepping up the video side of things while we are out on trips. Maybe get few web episodes out on the ole innerweb! I don’t really know where this year will take us but so far so good.

Elizabeth and I have finished up the editing process on our project and are excited to let everyone see what we have been doing. I’m excited about this one. Getting to hunt, field produce, and edit a project from idea to the final product with my daughter has been an absolute blast. We have got to spend so much time together in the woods and now in the office collaborating on the final edit. I hope she has enjoyed this process as much as I have. The best part is that she will be able to show this project to generations to come.

So is it worth all the extra work to film these hunts???

I say yes every time!!!

I just had one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time!!

My Daughter has been inspired by the lady huntresses out there on social media. We have had the pleasure of meeting and even bowfishing with a few and all I can say is wow!! Thank you to all who inspire young people to hunt.

Now back to my weekend… My daughter and I are on a journey to capture her first bow kill (deer kill in general) on camera. Now most of us know this is no easy task and we have our work cut out for us.

We spent two days in the woods this weekend just really enjoying nature. Saturday afternoon we had a nice 6 point walk in front of us at 7 yards through a brush thicket and because of my poor coaching she never even pulled her bow back!! (I would love to have that shot back!!). The next morning we had a total of 5 deer pass by us a various distances, none of them really giving her the shot she needed.

She ended the weekend a little disappointed because she did not kill a deer. She knows she has taken on a daunting task and it will take some time. I told her we could switch to a gun and we could have killed 3 of the 5 deer the other day. She said no, she is determined to do it with her bow and I think that is awesome.

I’m not worried if she will or will not be successful this year. In my book we have already been successful.

She thinks we were just hunting!!!

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